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Changing and Improving Lives since 1993

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John Broome is the founder of Mind Power, a business dedicated to John Broomedeveloping human potential.

Each of his programmes is based on the boundless potential that is the hallmark of human life, and designed to produce the fastest, safest, surest results obtainable.

Since 1988 John has had extensive experience in coaching, counseling, guiding and mentoring individuals from all walks of life, from top executives to sales people, from housewives to addicts to school kids.  He equips people with the skills to solve problems in areas like sales, relationships, stress, business, anger, self-esteem, addictions, depression, fear etc etc.

Mind Power started importing subliminal and other products in 1993 from various companies in the USA.  Exchange rates made it very difficult for importers to make products available at affordable prices. 

The technology was acquired and we now produce our own range of subliminal CD’s locally.  And, these products don’t have to take a backseat to the imported equivalent.  The technology is available in SA to produce goods on a par with or better than anything that the West can produce.

Mind Power’s clients include large corporates like Spoornet and Eskom.  Government Departments like Correctional Services.  Many smaller companies, thousands of individuals and Medical professionals like Doctors, Psychologists and Physiotherapists.


John Broome was trained in Civil Engineering and became involved in Human Development in 1988.  He was a distributor for Success Motivation Institute where he was trained in and then trained others in programmes like The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting, The Dynamics of Personal Leadership, The Sales Managers’ Motivation Program and The Dynamics of Successful Sales.  He has studied Dr Jonathan Parker’s material “Build a Winning Self-Image”, “The Prosperity Solution” and “Pathways to Mastership”.

He is a distributor for Mind Alive in Canada and has studied Audio Visual Entrainment and Light & Sound Technology.  He was also a Distributor for Learning Strategies Corporation in the USA and has studied Paul Scheele’s material – Ideal Mindset, Decisive Action, Natural Brilliance, Euphoria and Paraliminal Learning.

He is trained in the Sedona Method.  He has studied Anthony Robbins’ material, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Jay Abraham’s MasterMind Marketing Program.  More recently he has studied the work of Jack Canfield, Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Dr Lee Pulos, Jim Fannin and other leading lights in the Human Development field.

He authored and produced the Subliminal Success Series range of CD’s and now a range of Subliminal Mp3 Downloads and has a Coaching practice in Wilderness.  He runs a one-day course “Unlimited Personal Power” that he has authored and he offers the MasterMind Marketing Program also as a one-day course.

25 plus years of experience have gone into the development of The System.  We are bringing you the latest techniques and cutting edge technology to ensure your maximum growth, development and success.

Nothing Changes for the better until you do


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Nothing changes until you do!

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