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John Broome is a speaker and Human Development Specialist who inspires and empowers people to maximize their ability and potential to achieve greater personal and professional success.  His talks are entertaining, empowering and educational.

John left a 25 year career in Civil Engineering to follow his passion of human development.  He has 25 plus years experience in the Human Development industry and has authored and produced his Subliminal Success Series range of personal development CD’s.  He has written a coaching programme “The System for Personal Success”.  He has worked with large Corporates like Eskom, Spoornet, Nashua, Liberty Life, and Government Departments like Correctional Services, large companies, smaller businesses, medical professionals, schools, entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life. 

He really lives by his motto –John Broome - Motivational Speaker

“Nothing Changes for the better until You Do”.

John speaks on a range of subjects, his current favourite is:

“8 Steps to Personal and Professional Success”

Are you satisfied with the results you are achieving?

Learn the Dynamics of Personal Achievement so that you can achieve what you want.

John talks around these 8 steps:  Build a winning attitude (the foundation of personal achievement), Become crystal clear on what you want, Develop a plan with deadlines, Develop sincere desire, Achieve unstopable self confidence,  Take action and persevere regardless of obstacles or set backs, Get feedback and take corrective action if necessary and finally express Gratitude.

Our business and personal results are determined by the actions we take, these, are determined by the thoughts we think, and these are determined by the beliefs we hold at a subconscious level.

What negative beliefs are slowing you down in your business?  Let go of procrastination and fear of failure / rejection.  

In less than 2 hours, John will show you how to reprogramme negative beliefs and release the emotions that stop people!

To turn these results around, you have to start believing differently … then, you will think differently, act differently and start getting different results on an ongoing consistent basis. 


“John has helped to quadruple my business in 2007. Thank you John”    Trevor (Business Owner)

“My son went from a failing, poor grade student, to a keen, enthusiastic and succeeding student. The teacher hardly recognises him”  D. de V.

“In terms of sales I have bettered my best month 4 times in the last 12 months.  That is phenomenol growth and I am sincerely grateful”  Brian Carter, Psidean Financial Services.

The question is: how do we do this?

John Broome, the founder of MIND POWER will introduce a powerful planning tool, take you through an exciting and motivating journey into the brain and he will show you how to:

∙        Generate extreme brain power to achieve the things you don’t believe you can do

        Learn how to improve your intuition, creativity and problem solving abilities

​“If you think as you have always thought, you will do what you

have always done, and you will get what you have always got.”​​

If you would like John to address your staff on issues such as Leadership, Sales, Attitudes, Teamwork, Creativity, Goal Setting, Communication, Problem Solving, The Nature of Success, Decision Making or Time Management, contact him at [email protected].

John is able to back up this “motivation” with products – Supercharge Your Success Potential effortlessly – that enable people to make lasting change in their lives. 


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Nothing changes until you do!

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